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J. Michael Stephens I work closely with my clients to provide a practical, understandable approach to the audit process to ensure that we not only provide them with audited financial statements, but that they learn something from the engagement that can help them in the operation of their organization.

J. Michael Stephens

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There are many complexities involved in running a successful organization or business – and you need to be focused on supporting your customers and constituents and delivering on your promises.

The professionals on the consulting team at Rubino & Company provide you the expertise you need to streamline your accounting and management systems. We work closely with the management teams of non-profits, government contractors, and other closely held companies to offer guidance and technical support.

Our consulting services practice provides outsourced accounting and support at all levels – recording transactions, preparing financial statements, supporting audits, developing management and board reports, budget systems and projection analyses. We strive to meet client needs by providing support while complementing your existing skill sets and staff.

Our financial & accounting services include:

  • Outsourced accounting
  • Management reports
  • Management and staff training
  • Best business practice consulting
  • Temporary controller and CFO services
  • Budgeting systems and projection analyses
  • Audit preparation assistance and support

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We’re happy to share our knowledge with you. Invite us to speak at your next meeting, training session, or conference. We’ll work together to build a program that meets your needs.

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