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Deborah A. Kaye-Pennock I provide value to clients by giving them high quality accounting and consulting services tailor made to meet their organization’s needs. We are consistently striving to provide the best value for our clients with the highest quality staff while being cost effective.

Deborah A. Kaye-Pennock

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The entire Rubino & Company team is dedicated to and focused on delivering superior service and informed advice to our clients. Our senior management group leads the firm, provides expertise internally and externally and maintains commitment to our principles.

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David Albert, CPA, CFP, ESQ., and R&M Wealth Management, LLC

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My goal is to put my feet into my client's shoes, offer the best advice possible and exceed my clients' expectations.

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Craig A. Carlini, CPA, CFP, and R&M Wealth Management, LLC

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I consider myself a financial life coach to businesses and individuals.

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Patrick Curtis, CPA, CGMA

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I help organizations improve financial reporting capabilities, contract performance and program delivery through cost-effective internal control recommendations and the identification of and compliance with program and regulatory requirements.

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Scott F. Flaherty, CPA

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I provide a fresh perspective to my clients overall operations, internal controls and staffing and can use my experience from working with other companies to help improve and strengthen their processes.

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Robert N. Gray, CPA and Director of Quality Control

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I listen. This helps me identify solutions to client problems – accounting and reporting issues, internal control weakness, reporting deadlines, financing concerns, business acquisitions, whatever – solutions that make business sense and stay within the parameters of applicable requirements or guidelines.

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Jenny E. Herrera, CPA, CGMA

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I build a close relationship with my clients to better understand their needs. I strive to become their business partner and to communicate practical solutions to complex financial matters.

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Robert J. Hinz, CPA

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The value added to any engagement is a common sense, pragmatic approach to solving issues faced by any organization. I provide that approach. In addition to providing audited financial statements, I help evaluate the internal control systems of an organization to help better safeguard assets.

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Louis J. Rubino, Jr., CPA and Co-founder

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I try to foster a relationship with my clients which allows me to help them avoid problems and anticipate challenges. I strive to be accessible, responsive and proactive with all our clients -- large or small.

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J. Michael Stephens, CPA

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I work closely with my clients to provide a practical, understandable approach to the audit process to ensure that we not only provide them with audited financial statements, but that they learn something from the engagement that can help them in the operation of their organization.

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Senior Advisors

A. Michael Gellman, CPA, CGMA

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Understanding client needs is my top priority and providing value-added professional services in response to those needs is my only focus.

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Senior Managers

Paul H. Calabrese, Senior Manager

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I listen to client concerns, assess based on my specialization skills, consider all firm capabilities as a part of the solution, begin to develop a plan to remedy the problem or enhance existing client processes.

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Kathy W. Cantor, CPA

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I am dedicated to exhibiting integrity, objectivity, and clarity in my work. I want my clients to see me as dependable, reliable, smart, creative, and focused.

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Shannon R. Gellman, Senior Manager

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I communicate with the client through the entire process of the tax return - from first contact to the delivery of the return. I take the time to develop the business relationship and make sure that the client knows that they are important to me and to the firm.

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Lisa Hahn, CPA

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I enjoy engaging my clients, sharing tax knowledge, and providing the highest quality of tax advice and service to help meet their business and tax goals.

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Don Hughes, Senior Manager

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I strive to meet my clients’ expectations and goals not only in the time it takes to respond to their immediate tax needs, but also with respect to recommending ideas and solutions to the unresolved needs of their families as well as their overall financial objectives.

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Deborah A. Kaye-Pennock, Senior Manager

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I provide value to clients by giving them high quality accounting and consulting services tailor made to meet their organization’s needs. We are consistently striving to provide the best value for our clients with the highest quality staff while being cost effective.

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Chris Mannina, CPA

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I work with clients to identify and address strategic, operational, reporting, and compliance objectives. This includes assessing and responding to risks through implementation of control activities, enhancing information and communication, as well as monitoring activities.

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Dawit Negari, CPA, CFE, CGFM

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I assist my clients in recovering maximum costs under government grants and contracts while complying with applicable regulations

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Patricia A. O'Malley, CPA

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The great thing about people who work for nonprofits is their passion for their mission. I work with the management and governance of nonprofit organizations to help them understand and meet the financial and regulatory demands they face, so that they can be more focused on what they do best.

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Elaine P. Rulkiewicz, CPA

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With tax, one size does not fit all. I work with my clients to make sure that the business and personal tax advice I give them is tailored to their specific situation and to their specific goals-both short-term and long-term.

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Managers and Supervisors

Solomon Akinyele, CPA

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I help clients achieve process efficiencies by relying on new technological resources. I strive to build a close relationship with my clients to better understand their business needs and help position their system structure to support future growth.

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Daniel L. Borne, Manager

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I support my clients by developing an understanding of their organization; this allows me to properly address their wants and needs.

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Karis Call, Manager

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I help facilitate a streamlined and efficient audit approach for my clients to help minimize unforeseen obstacles and to maximize audit value.

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Jobe Dupre, CPA

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I have a broad base of experience in the industry but what I enjoy the most is working with small business owners and helping them grow their businesses.

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Pam Lin, CPA

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I’m proud that clients trust me with their work, and I do my best to earn their continued respect.

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