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J. Michael Stephens I work closely with my clients to provide a practical, understandable approach to the audit process to ensure that we not only provide them with audited financial statements, but that they learn something from the engagement that can help them in the operation of their organization.

J. Michael Stephens

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As a government contractor, you have many complex regulatory, contractual, and compliance requirements. You need to ensure that your financial and accounting practices comply with applicable cost standards, laws, and regulations.

Rubino & Company serves the unique needs of government contractors. Over our 30 years of industry focus, we have amassed substantial expertise in the field of government procurement working with a wide variety of government contracting clients – from emerging start-up companies to large established contractors. Several of our professionals bring hands-on experience with government contracts and grants, having worked for government contractors or government agencies such as DCAA.

Whether a start-up service organization or a large defense contractor, your organization is subject to great scrutiny. We are proactive in keeping our clients aware of emerging regulatory and accounting standards changes.

In addition to traditional financial statement and tax services, we also provide regulatory compliance and contract consulting services including accounting system design and review; assistance with contract administration; cost allowability and allocability determinations; audit support; and services to clients involved in contractual disputes.

Our services to
government contractors include:


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