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Robert J. Hinz The value added to any engagement is a common sense, pragmatic approach to solving issues faced by any organization. I provide that approach. In addition to providing audited financial statements, I help evaluate the internal control systems of an organization to help better safeguard assets.

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Although many companies are required to have an annual audit or review of their financial statements, we provide an informed, outside perspective that goes beyond a historical review of financial performance. You need a partner to understand your business and offer you guidance to drive your success.

Our client-focused approach demands that we understand your business, operations, and the concerns of management. Open communication throughout the year means that we are proactive and constantly evaluating ideas for improving your organization. Our partnership with our clients extends beyond delivering financial statements or tax returns. Our shareholders and managers become involved and remain involved in providing services, fostering highly interactive relationships.

Quality and Value. These are fundamental principles of Rubino & Company. With our industry focus, we are uniquely qualified to perform complex audits for non-profits and government contractors.

With an ever-evolving regulatory environment, we keep you informed of the latest changes and the impact these changes will have on your business. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to identify areas of improvement and offer cost-effective solutions. With our audit team, you will find that we not only look back to meet your financial statement compliance requirements, but we also look forward and help you navigate the future growth of your company.

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Commitment to Quality

We work hard to deliver quality services to our clients – and we’re proud of our impeccable history.

In all of Rubino & Company’s peer reviews, conducted by an independent CPA firm, we have received an unqualified report without a letter of comment. This accomplishment has been achieved by few CPA firms and speaks to the level of our commitment to providing quality audit and review services.