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Patricia A. O'Malley The great thing about people who work for nonprofits is their passion for their mission. I work with the management and governance of nonprofit organizations to help them understand and meet the financial and regulatory demands they face, so that they can be more focused on what they do best.

Patricia A. O'Malley

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IRS Issues Clarification of Once-a-Year IRA Rollover Limit.
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Tax-Saving Opportunities for “Active” S Corporation Shareholders

By Carolyn C. Quill, CPA Two major pieces of tax reform legislation, the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act and the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (the Acts), went into effect in 2013. As a result of these Acts, S corporations are now a better choice for many active closely held business owners, since S corporations provide business owners with a unique opportunity to lessen their tax burdens not available to other types of entities. Accordingly, now is the right time to revisit your choice of entity as well as reviewing your tax planning opportunities.


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Planning a Wedding: One More Thing to Consider Before You Pick the Date

Do you know someone about to get married late this year or early next year? While planning a wedding can be hectic enough, the timing of nuptials can be a very important tax planning consideration. In the eyes of the IRS, being married at year-end translates to joint filing which can change the tax treatment of a number of items. Moreover, deferring a year-end marriage or expediting a union, depending on the circumstances, can either defer or accelerate income possibly resulting in "marriage" penalties.


Cultivating an Effective Working Relationship with Your Treasurer

We often squander valuable resources. A Treasurer is a precious resource and we need to make sure we maximize the potential of that resource. Universally, nonprofit organizations indirectly undermine the benefits that can come from an interactive treasurer relationship. Why does this happen? Simply, nonprofit organizations just have too many barriers in place. Some of these barriers come from poorly designed governance policies and practices. But many of these barriers come from human nature itself. We need to work smarter when it comes to effectively integrating our treasurers into the fabric of our financial management systems. The results will be beneficial and fulfilling.


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